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Multiturf are a supply and installation company specializing in the professional fitment of synthetic grass products for sports and leisure.

Multiturf have unrivalled installation machinery and techniques to provide the end user with a world class system that is built to last!

This turf is not only being used in the sports world, but the demand for other applications increase daily. Our turf is versatile and offers comfort and durability. Whether placed indoors or outdoors, this turf is non- fade and will cut down the maintenance costs in maintaining real grass... and let's face it: time is money!

Our attractive turf is ideal for areas where a green landscape is preferred yet real turf is impractical due to high traffic, maintenance costs or environmental issues. Whether you are aiming for a lush garden look, or a short neat look – we have the product that will suit your application perfectly and create that dream area or garden you have always wished for.

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  • Good experience.
  • Best products in the market money can buy.
  • Vast experience.
  • Unrivalled quality and finishing on projects.

We provide a specialist service in the synthetics industry with a motto of doing an installation once and doing it correctly.

The creative possibilities of artificial turf are endless!

Businesses are realising the benefits of replacing their real grass with artificial turf in areas that are harder to water and maintain, yet need to be aesthetically pleasing. As time is minimal and water prices on the increase, why not transform that lawn into something that looks fantastic 24 hours a day 7 days a week?

Presentation is extremely important when it comes to businesses, and more companies are transforming certain areas of their 'concrete jungles' into fresh green areas where employees and clients can relax and unwind, creating the perfect socialising area. Why not provide a feeling of being outside of the office for your employees?

More and more people are attracted to bringing the outdoors indoors as too much of our time is spent away from nature, inside, working. Increase your professional image and surround your area with the turf of your choice.


Meet the Team behind the scenes. We have dedicated and experienced staff members who strive to bring you the best possible service that they can offer.

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