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1: Is artificial grass suitable for pets ?

A huge amount of our customers are people whose lawns are looking worn out and patchy because of a pet. Installing artificial grass is the perfect way of transforming your home and recreational areas into something beautiful that both you and your pet can enjoy Installing artificial grass at your home will also save yourself from muddy paw prints!

If your dog is constantly running along tracked areas ,digging up bits of earth and making holes or kicking its legs up, artificial grass can save your lawn from looking like a muddy battleground. Multiturf secure our artificial grass by nailing our seams and perimeter with strong outdoor adhesive. This, combined with the fact that artificial grass is made of extremely durable materials, should stop even those most vigorous dog from digging up a lawn.

Our grasses are great if you’re also concerned about the discoloured patches made when nature calls. Along with being UV stabilised against fading in the sun, the colour of our grass is not affected by pet mess. Any liquids drain easily though the backing on the grass and into the aggregate sub-base below. This base however needs to be composed of porous materials that stop any puddles from forming on your lawn. Multiturf is also super easy to clean and maintain dogs mess. We recommend using warm soapy water to clean the area as soon as possible after removing any pet mess, with a hosing down in the dry months to get rid of any lingering odors. High strength chemicals or detergents are not necessary nor advised for use.

Pets also love the feel of artificial grass because it’s made of soft and springy materials perfect for running and rolling around on all year long.

2: How long will Multiturf last ?

The surface should last 12 years in areas of average volume of traffic and use. To ensure this keep the surface clear of sand leaves or materials that can damage the surface.

All of our grass products , from Parklands grass to backyard putting greens are durable, safe and installed professionally to provide a stable and welcoming family space for years to come.

Artificial grass is made from synthetic fibres which are diamond ,V and C shaped yarns which ensure durability ,excellent look and feel and are well resistant to general wear and tear. Multiturf is the perfect solution to patchy, unkept lawn and will breathe refreshing new life into your home garden so you can focus on enjoying your weekends and throw away your lawnmower!

3: Can an artificial grass stop a mole infestation ?

Artificial grass is definitely one of way of solving your mole problem. Installing artificial grass involves some digging and the use of equipment such as a whacker plate which make noise and vibrations which ensures the earth is very well compacted. As well as this we can put down a mole barrier in combination with aggregate materials which are too strong and compacted for moles to burrow.The final layer of aggregates are not an ideal environment for moles to burrow through, so they are deterred once more from coming up to the surface.

Installing artificial grass is a humane way of dealing with a mole infestation that not only deters moles from returning but also repairs the damage they have done. It can be difficult to re-seed a lawn that has been plagued with mole holes and tunnels, with earth churned up and brought to the surface. By installing artificial grass you have the ground leveled with a secure draining base installed and a lovely green lawn all year round.

4: What base is required for artificial grass ?

One of the main reasons to buy artificial grass is to save yourself from muddy, lawns. With a Multiturf installation we always lay an aggregate sub-base when installing to ensure easy and free draining layer under the grass.

After the existing lawn and dirt is removed to a depth of 70mm, a sub-base consisting of G 5 materials with a layer of processed sand . P Sand is the most porous type of aggregate as it is made from permeable materials. This covers the entire lawn area at an even and consistent level ensuring a stable draining base for years to come. The final level is compacted heavily to ensure no movement of the base materials over the coming years.

The aggregate base is especially important if play equipment or trampolines are being used.

5: Does artificial grass fade in the sun ?

Multiturf artificial grass is protected against sunlight and UV rays so it does not fade. During the manufacturing process the grass is UV stabilized which will ensure that fading does not occur.

All our products have a minimum 8 year no fade guarantee. Although knowing South Africa weather we have ensured we meet UV standards from manufacturing.

6: Can Multiturf be installed on any surface ?

We can lay artificial grass onto most surfaces, regardless of whether your installation is a domestic garden or part of a corporate office. Turf, soil, concrete, tarmac, paving and decking are all areas you can lay artificial grass.

If you have a balcony or roof terrace, artificial grass is also easily installed.

Areas do not even have to be flat in order for artificial grass to be installed, areas with slopes are also able to have grass installed. In some cases these slopes can be used to an advantage if you want to install a putting green.

7: Where can I use Multiturf products ?

You can install artificial grass in almost any location you can think of. The most common installations usually involve the replacement of an existing natural lawn for residential purposes but we are able to work with patios and children’s play areas. By going with a Multiturf installation you are guaranteed a quality installation by a trained and experienced team able to cope with almost anything you throw at us!

Other places to use artificial grass are on balconies, rooftops and terraces. As long as we can get to wherever you want it laid, height is usually no great obstacle as we can roll and cut the turf to fit any size area. This is an especially good alternative for city residences or corporate buildings where a traditional lawn space does not exist. Multiturf can also be installed around outside swimming pools where grass is becoming an issue with growth or mess in the pool.

If you are a company, our artificial turf products can be used for exhibitions and corporate events. As the grass is fake, it can be laid under tents and inside without losing colour before your event is over.

We also have a sports range of artificial grass which comes in various pile heights and density.


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